SUZUKA®’s selection of brick veneers boasts both modern and classic designs for your exteriors and interiors. Carrying only a fraction of the thickness of real bricks, our veneers streamline the installation process without sacrificing texture or durability. From vintage looks to reinvented styles, including different grouting techniques and colours.

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STRATO® Interior Texture Paint: #SCT

Create that everlasting look with our Strato® Cement Texture Paint. Whether you are going for the Industrial, Scandinavian, Contemporary or Minimalistic style, the backdrop of the cement paint can complete the look!

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STRATO® Interior Texture Paint: #SVL

The popularity of Strato® Cement Texture Paint shows the demands of creative texture and the requirement of easy application. However, good design requires more creative choices. Therefore, Strato® Velours Series provides you with sophisticated textures for interior space, but there are more colors for you to choose!

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KASTPANEL: Concrete Effect Wall Paneling

The KASTPANEL Collection features uniquely crafted pre-cast concrete panels to complete the industrial style interior design. Without sacrificing texture, KASTPANELs are also light and compact in nature, rendering them easily installable.

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Monokrete: Exterior Cement Textured Paint

Since Strato® Cement Texture Paint is only suitable for internal space. Therefore, we created Monokrete for external space to transform the external space of the building with different shades of cement. The color and texture are monochrome, natural and bold, allowing you to create a dramatic statement!

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Exposed Concrete Effect System (ECES): Concrete Coating

Create an industrial concrete effect look with our ECES. ECES is suitable for exterior and interior and retains strong resistance against cracking, water seepage and rough weather conditions.

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Magic Cerámica Textured Coating

Easily applicable and highly durable, Magic Cerámica uses unique textures inspired by classic styles – from Mediterranean to Ancient Oriental – on soft colour tones, creating a signature look for your space. All texture patterns are customizable in colour.

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SUZUKA®’s selection of stone veneers offers classic and modern styles. Crafted from premium raw materials and weighing just a fraction of natural stones, KASTONE® veneers streamline the installation process while also retaining durability and authenticity.

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SUZUKA® Trowel Wall and Floor: Pebble Stone Coating

A unique pebble coating for walls and floors that incorporates high-tech resin with natural marble stones for a cement-free finishing.

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SUZUKA® Textured Coatings: Spray Sand/Granite & Special Effects

Create a variety of iconic and durable finishes, including exposed concrete, granite textures, sandy coatings and more.

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