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Kastone®: Brick Veneer

Our manufactured artificial brick veneer offers excellent durability and has the authentic feel and look of bricks. It is suitable for both exterior and interior and are UV & weather resistant.



Kastone®: Stone Veneer

Our manufactured artificial stone veneer offers excellent durability and is a efficient substitute for natural stone wall cladding. It is suitable for both exterior and interior and are UV & weather resistant.



Exposed Cement / Concrete Effect Coatings

Create an industrial concrete effect look with our ECES. ECES is suitable for exterior and interior and retains strong resistance against cracking, water seepage and rough weather conditions.



SUZUKA® Textured Coatings: Spray Sand & Special Effects

Create a variety of iconic and durable finishes, including exposed concrete, granite textures, sandy coatings and more.



SUZUKA® Trowel Stone: Pebbles Coating

A unique pebble coating for walls and floors that incorporates high-tech resin with natural marble stones for a cement-free finishing.



Strato®: Textured Paint

Create a refined and sophisticated ambiance with Strato: Cashmere, Taffeta or Chiffon.



Textured Coating: Magic Cerámica

Easy to apply and highly durable, Magic Cerámica applies unique textures inspired by classic styles – from Mediterranean to Ancient Oriental – to soft colourtones, creating a signature look for your house.


Kastbond®: Waterproofing

Using technology from Japan with 40 years of experience, KASTBOND® offers a range of market-leading waterproofing building materials.


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